Blog post 10/2020: Greif-Velox on course for growth: Our new site in the US is operational!

As a market-leading innovator of full-line packaging machines for solids, powders and liquids, we are very active on a global scale: Greif-Velox Germany has been supplying customers in 89 countries to date. Now a new location in the US serves as a milestone in the road to internationalisation: Greif-Velox America LLC as a regional sales and service subsidiary. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Greif-Velox Germany and is based in Sacramento, California.

High customer demand in the USA

"Our individual, exclusive solutions such as our vacuum bagging systems are highly relevant on an international scale," says Ralf Drews, CEO of Greif-Velox. "There is high demand, particularly in the American market." This is because the United States represents the world's biggest market for packaging machines and American manufacturers cannot cover the domestic demand for high-quality machines.

Machines that meet the requirements of the American market

This is where we come in: Greif-Velox doesn't just offer innovations in the field of vacuum packing. Machine such as the BVP 4.40 pneumatic packer are perfectly suited to the requirements of American customers. Even with short changeover times, they can reliably process numerous container types and quickly change between products, quantities and formats. This is particularly important for the expanding American food industry, where aspects such as food safety play a huge role.

On the ground close to customers

We already have over 30 systems installed in the US. Many of our international customers operate factories in North and South America alongside Europe and Asia – making it a logical step to maintain a local presence on the ground with a sales and service subsidiary in the region. This will let us better cater to our American customers. "With this strategy of internationalisation we are showing that we listen to our customers and develop our machines and organisation based on market demand," says Director of Sales, Sebastian Pohl.

Local service solution

In Marko Wittich, we have been able to secure a highly competent CEO for the new service organisation. He will be managing customer projects and inquiries directly in the region. Marko Wittich is well equipped to manage the local market with many years of experience in B2B, including as general manager of SMA America and as the responsible manager of Dräger Safety AG in the regions of Europe, North and Central America, Africa and South America. "Our direct presence on the ground in the form of a sales and service subsidiary will mean we can continue to strengthen and improve our customer relations," says Wittich. "The topic of service is particularly important here, which means visiting customer sites for maintenance and to resolve service inquiries and issues."

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