Greif-Velox ValvoDetect: Innovative system ensures precise powder filling, clean pallets

Lübeck (06/07/2021). The ValvoDetect optical measurement system from packaging machine manufacturer Greif-Velox is the solution to a long-time issue in the filling of powders in the chemicals and food industries. This innovative technology prevents entire pallets from becoming contaminated by individual bag leaks, which were previously responsible for high product recall costs. Greif-Velox is the first manufacturer to offer this type of optical measurement system.

ValvoDetect checks whether a bag is properly sealed at two separate points in the filling process. First, it uses sensors before the bag is filled to verify whether the bag has been correctly positioned or whether there is an issue due to an error in the valve opening step. A second check using optical sensors takes place before the sealing step. If the bag is not correctly positioned in relation to the welding sonotrodes, it could result in a faulty seal. Thanks to ValvoDetect, only properly sealed bags make it onto the pallet. This ensures that there is no product leakage and prevents contamination and serious consequences, such as pest infestations in food products.

ValvoDetect also gives users great saving potential. Depending on bagging volume, they can save tens of thousands of euros in recall and cleaning costs as well thousands of euros in complaint costs to bag manufacturers. This delivers a near-total return on investment through the ValvoDetect alone. Furthermore, the significantly lower complaint and recall rate improves a company’s market reputation.

“With ValvoDetect, our customers can achieve maximum process efficiency and more end customer satisfaction,” says Dr. Alexander Mildner, Head of Research and Development at Greif-Velox.

Greif-Velox is the first manufacturer to offer this innovative optical measurement system, which builds on Greif-Velox’s core values of innovation, reliability, and efficiency. “These values are not just a slogan – they serve the purpose of increasing the competitiveness of our customers,” says Managing Director Ralf Drews. “Our product advantages have to be clearly reflected in financial gain for our customers, giving them clear indicators of when and how an investment will pay off.”

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