Greif Velox Ralf Drews

Our Corporate Values

Corporate values are the foundation of any company. They provide rules and objectives and allow for the constant positive evaluation of a company’s efficiency, projects, and employees, based on which optimisations can be realised.

This is why GREIF-VELOX has developed values that are intertwined with our long-standing corporate history and have proven their value many times for our customers and their projects.

Our value system is based on efficiency, innovation, and reliability: EIR

Values that guarantee the constant satisfaction of our customers and allow us to realise great and sustainable performance in our work with and for each other.

This is why, within the company, we embody our EIR value programme with passion. Customers can look forward to the following benefits in each project we’re involved with:



Whether bagging machines, filling systems, palletizing, or sophisticated full-lines: Our solutions are not series-produced, inflexible plants that force customers to adjust their operations, but rather customised machines that adjust themselves to the customer’s needs.

When offering tailor-made special solutions, it is paramount to ensure strategically planned, structured, and efficient operation. This makes it possible to realise attractive prices while shaping our collaboration with our customers in a pleasant and productive manner. This means that we integrate our customers into our processes efficiently, with the intensity desired by the customer and at a pace that leads to the realisation of the objectives of all parties. We are constantly interacting with our customers in transparent projects, as equal partners. This ensures effective dialogue and cooperative collaboration.

Our customers decide to which extent they are integrated into the process, with, for example, joint workshops, bagging trials, material analyses, and much more… Our experts guarantee efficient preparation and implementation, in which we gladly involve our customers. We always present a clear overall picture to create security through transparency, during every single production step.

This efficiency safeguards the optimal performance of our plants while also ensuring that our projects are a pleasant and effective experience for everyone involved. We strive to give everyone involved the feeling, when returning home at the end of the day, that they used their working day to the fullest and achieved great results.



Innovation is the hottest topic there is since the advent of digitalisation; however, innovation is nothing other than improvement, whether digital, mechanical, or a combination of the two.

For us, innovation is not solely focused on experiments, but on providing our customers with clear and noticeable competitive advantages. This can be in targeted workshops or during daily operations, in Industry 4.0 or design. We collaborate with our customers to develop pioneering technologies, mechanisms, and processes.

Our Research and Development department places great emphasis on Industry 4.0 and everything surrounding this crucial topic. The digitalisation of bagging and filling plants, also combined with palletisation and integrated into full-lines, leads to nearly perfectly coordinated processes. This results in significant performance improvements and, thus, more efficient daily operations to improve margins and/or the competitive ability. Many people experience digitalisation as an intangible concept, which is why we enjoy passing on our knowledge to our customers to help them understand the processes and the many benefits of new technologies that will continue to establish themselves on the market.

Industry 4.0 developments also make machines more reliable, using digital mechanisms to teach machines to self-regulate their operation and report on potential breakdowns before they occur. Our effective online service will usually solve these issues.

In our day and age, it is generally quite easy to calculate the usefulness of certain innovations, providing our customers with clear indicators regarding when and how an investment turns out to be profitable.

Let us think of solutions which offer you valuable market benefits together.



A bagging machine, filling facility,palletising unit, or full-line system: The necessary investments are quite reasonable when considering the significant costs associated with production downtimes caused by unreliable machines or delivery delays.

This is why reliability is our firm foundation!

From the very start, you will have the contact details of those experts who will support you during the design and production processes ready at hand. Our sales engineers are, besides project managers, your point of contact during the entire project. They provide you with a clear overview of our responsibilities. And you can hold us accountable at any time. These processes help safeguard the reliability of our services by ensuring that we manage to keep our promises in a transparent and efficient manner, while simultaneously giving you the security of a point of contact who is there for you to master potential challenges.

Our internal documentation of processes, structures, and the entire design and production phase opens up many opportunities for you to log and track the production status of your project in a transparent manner.

Our in-house production by knowledgeable experts and well-coordinated teams results in heavy, rugged machines with a very low error rate. Our engineers are proud of this reliability because we know that your entire production process depends on the speed and stability of your bagging/filling activities. This is why optimised system availability is paramount to us.

Our service team is composed of employees with special (electronic) engineering training. Real all-round experts who already support you during the design of the plant and are thus familiar with your project from the get-go.

Let’s sum it all up: Rely on transparent processes, quick handling, reliable service, and a team in which you can trust.

A new machine optimises your production, but the right partner provides stability.