Clean pallet patterns are the result of a perfect bagging process, which is why we place a particular focus on this. We know that palettes usually make the first impression on your customers and that they impulsively assess the value of your products on this basis. Dirty bags/barrels or cluttered bag stacking should be avoided. Our technologies ensure that your products are optimally secured for all logistics processes and, on top of this, arrive at your customer’s premises intact and with the first-class appearance they deserve.

A good example of our innovative technology: Our high-performance palletising robot VeloPack. Find interesting press releases and customer cases here, in our News section.

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Roland Kredel
Sales engineer
Tel: +49 451 5303 293

Palletizing robot VELOPACK

Application area

  • Containers: Bags, drums, jerrycans, pails and cartons
  • Industries: Chemical, petrochemical, food, building material
  • Output: up to 2,000 bags/h
  • Applications:
    • Palletizing and depalletizing,
    • handles cover and slip sheets
    • Supplies empty pallets
    • Sorts out faulty bags
    • Transports full bags, etc.

Our advantages

  • 100 % flexibility in layering pattern
  • Call up any number of layering patterns quickly and with little effort
  • Equivalent or better pallet pattern compared to inline palletizer
  • Small footprint compared to inline palletizer
  • Sensors for dynamic adaptation to the stack height
  • Up to 4 palletizing places possible
  • Very low maintenance effort; maintenance intervals every 5,000 h
  • Acquisition costs 40 % lower than alternative technologies
  • Work and maintenance on floor level


  • Remote maintenance
  • Automatic tool change system
  • Can be combined with vacuum tools
  • Laser sensors for height recognition if layer height changed after longer standstill
  • Lubrication suitable for food industry (H1 oils)
  • Full Line concept