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Valve bag

Ventilsack-Aufsteckautomat Modell VALVOMAT

Fully automatic valve bag placer VALVOMAT

Ventilsack-Aufsteckautomat Modell VALVOMAT

Application area

  • Bag types: Valve bags of paper, PE or PP-woven
  • Industries: Chemical, petrochemical, building material, food
  • Output: up to 1.000 bags/h

Our advantages

  • Innovative bag separation with forced valve opening
  • Unique placing rate over 99 %
  • Available as conversion kit for retrofitting existing filling machines
  • Cost-efficient version for 1-spout plants


  • Empty bag labelling
  • Extension to up to 4 spouts served by one bag placer
  • Stainless steel design
  • Full Line concept