Greif Velox Jörg Scharwies

Exact calibration, high performance and reliability: the high-speed pneumatic packer BVPV 4.40

Whether 4 kg or 40 kg bags, the air packer BVPV 4.40 can be flexibly adapted to your individual business requirements. Not only that, but with record performance! This system efficiently bags up to 400 bags per hour and can, of course, be extended by further connectors which enable bagging rates of up to 1,600 bags per hour. We have implemented a very special innovation to enable the extreme residual emptying capacity. Hardly any product residue is left in the system, which means that for product changeover, the cleaning and downtimes are reduced by up to 80%. It goes without saying that the BVPV 4.40 is constructed entirely in hygienic design for yet more efficiency.
For bags under 10 kg, the BVPV 4.40 provides exact-calibration bagging, which renders the subsequent quality control a mere formality. Moreover, clear product savings are achieved in the bagging process as a result of this precision.

Jörg Scharwies
Sales engineer
Tel: +49 451 5303 259

Brutto-Pneumatikpacker BVPV

Valve bag

Brutto-Pneumatikpacker BVPV

Gross-weight pneumatic packer BVPV

Brutto-Pneumatikpacker BVPV

Application area

  • Bag types: Valve bags of paper, PE or PP-woven
  • Product types: Powders, granules, pellets and product mixtures
  • Grain sizes: from 50 µ to 12 mm
  • Industries: Chemical, petrochemical, building material, food
  • Output: up to 400 bags/h

Our advantages

  • One filling machine for various product types
  • No intermixing with previous products thanks to a special chamber design
  • Very low cleaning effort due to nearly residue-free chamber emptying
  • Fast and efficient product change through saving sort-related machine parameters
  • Easy accessibility to the system components