Are you faced with the challenge of filling your products into very diverse containers such as drum filling, IBCs, or canisters? Our pallet filling plants will help you master this challenge. The special highlight: you don’t need expensive palettising technology for full containers. The pallets are filled with empty containers, and the containers are in turn filled directly on the pallet. Regardless of whether you use our semi-automated all-in-one solution or fully automated, camera-driven portal-filling plant to perform your tasks, we will take your individual requirements – composed of your product, containers, and performance requirements – into account when choosing the right equipment. With extensive experience from hundreds of completed products, using a diverse range of additional equipment, we can find the best solution for your task. By including palett transportation technology, palettising and labelling technology, or cargo-securing, we can deliver a full-line solution under one roof – our roof, that is.

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Radial filling system Typ R-DOS

Coordinate filling system Typ K-DOS

Automatic coordinate filling system Typ K-DOS-A

A-Dos-P - Produktbild einer vollautomatischen Abfüllanlage für Paletten
Fully automatic filling system Typ A-DOS-P1

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Whether it is bagging machines, filling systems, palletization, or entire full-lines: Our solutions are not mass-produced off the shelf for the customer to adapt to, but they are designed to adapt to the customer’s needs.

We are pleased that you are interested in our company’s machines and services. We would be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice based on your individual requirements. The experts from our sales team will work with you to develop a system concept that best caters to your requirements. Based on this system concept, we can quickly provide you with an investment cost estimate and help you calculate your business case or ROI considerations.

We supply our filling systems to customers in 89 countries and have direct representation in 15 countries.