Bagging of ultra-light powders such as industrial soot (carbon black), colour pigments or silica, to name but a few, has always been a dirty and inefficient process in conventional systems. Bagging involved high levels of contamination affecting entire facilities and works premises, which could only by controlled with a great deal of effort. At the same time, an inherent problem of conventional bagging technologies was the high volume of entrapped air. The result was voluminous, often dirty bags which were difficult to handle and gave rise to high warehousing and logistical costs.

100% dust-free bagging, save up to 75% on storage and logistics costs

A special innovation

GREIF-VELOX has addressed these issues and developed a unique vacuum system with which the products are packed by means of a product-saving vacuum technology. As a result, we can offer 100% dust-free bagging and clean, efficient bags which will save you up to 75% storage and logistics costs. Please have a look at the VELOVAC system in the video below.


  • Bag types: Valve bags of paper, PE or PP-woven
  • Product type: Powders and fine-grit
  • Grain sizes: from 30 µ to 5 mm
  • Industries: Chemical, petrochemical, building material, food


  • Maximum product compacting of up to 400 %
  • Best bagging process for extremely light products
  • Residue-free emptying thanks to self-cleaning
  • No upstream compacting devices necessary
  • Fast and efficient product change through saving sort-related machine parameters

Equipment according to need and use


Brutto-Vakuumpacker VELOVAC
[Translate to Englisch:] Greif Velox Bernd Tillack

Reliable innovation

We are prepared to prove to you step by step, in an efficient and transparent process, that your investment in a VELOVAC system will pay off in the long term. In the first step, our experts evaluate the overall potentials and possible applications of this system for your individual needs.

Then we analyse your product and are soon able to prepare initial ROI calculations on how quickly the system will amortise and what directly calculable advantages you will achieve with it.
 If this initial analysis meets with your approval, we proceed with bagging tests, on site under real conditions at your factory, in which we undertake to prove directly that our first calculations were correct:

Thus you can be sure of complete security and transparency for your decision-making processes.

My team and I are always at your service.


Up to 75% logistics cost savings through smarter, efficient shipping

[Translate to Englisch:] Vorher - Nachher Brutto-Vakuumpacker VELOVAC
[Translate to Englisch:] Vorher - Nachher Brutto-Vakuumpacker VELOVAC
[Translate to Englisch:] ECHTE KUNDENSTORYS



Packaging high-quality industrial carbon black, is considered the "supreme discipline" in bagging. The product is not only extremely expensive, but also very light.
 Particles remain airborne for an exceptionally long time and thus cause long-term contamination of the environment. Air purification is an extremely costly process.For one global corporation, we succeeded with our VELOVAC system in ensuring not only safe and clean air during the bagging process, but at the same time in reducing logistics costs by more than 75 percent. All due to the fact that this vacuum technology lets far less air into the bagging process and thus provides not only clean, but also stable and efficiently filled bags.
 A pallet pattern that does justice to your company.


Bild vom BVP

Gross-weight pneumatic packer BVP

Bild vom BVP

Gross-weight pneumatic packer BVPV

Gross-weight impeller packer BVT

Der VeloVac von Greif-Velox, Feststoffabfüllung

Gross-weight vacuum packer VELOVAC

Ein Produktbild VeloStar von Greif Velox

Enclosed system model VELOSTAR

Fully automatic valve bag placer VALVOMAT

Ultrasonic sealing unit - VALVOSEAL

Valve cutter VALVOCUT




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