Custom designed bagging
and filling machines

GREIF-VELOX is the specialist you need for efficient packaging technology: We offer integrated bagging and filling machines for solids and liquids.

VeloVac vacuum packer

Vacuum packing systems for valve bags

Dust free bulk bag filling of ultraleight powders

Double the packaged bulk density of light materials like carbon black without damaging the product microstructure.

Proprietary equipment and controls draw a vacuum through the bulk bag while filling, creating the cleanest, most compact and stable bags on the market.

Stability and packing density reduce logistics costs and improve customer satisfaction related to handling.

Up to 8 fibc/hour per system.

Manual to highly automated versions available.

GREIF-VELOX filling system
VeloVac XL vacuum packer

Vacuum packing system for FIBCs

Best bagging system for ultralight powders with high air-retention

Most compact and stable bags.

Up to 75% logistics savings by stacking 2x bags per pallet in comparison to legacy systems.

Safest and cleanest work environment due to completely sealed filling process.

Fills up to 50 bags per hour (per filling spout).

Easy to expand and grow.

Manual to fully automatic versions available.

Pneumatic packing systems for valve bags

Suitable for powders, fine-grit, granules and product-mixes

Up to 400 bags per hour (per filling spout).

Easy to expand from 1 to 4 filling spouts per machine.

Suitable for paper, plastic or pp-woven bags.

Available as fully automated packaging line, or standalone machine.

Fill solids efficiently, specifically and flexibly

Liquid filling systems for jerrycans

Fully automatic filling system for jerrycans

Fully automatic removal of dust caps.

Fully automatic closing of containers.

Up to 300 jerrycans/hour.

Simple operation via touch panel with visualization.

Easy integration into plant control systems.

Liquid filling systems for drums and IBCs

Fully automatic filling system for palletized containers

Mfully automatic bung hole identification with camera system.

Fully automatic opening and closing drums or ibcs.

Up to 40 drums/hour or 15 IBCs/hour.

Simple operation via touch panel with visualization.

Easy integration into plant control systems.

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GREIF-VELOX is a global market and innovation leader for semi and fully automatic packaging and filling machines for the food, chemical and petrochemical industries.

Our portfolio ranges from individual packers and fillers to full-line solutions including conveying, palletizing and load and weather protection. GREIF-VELOX’s pneumatic packers are optimized to fill solids into valve bags ranging from 9 to 90 pounds (4 to 40kg). Our vacuum packers fill valve bags and big bags (FIBCs), and our liquid fillers are optimized for jerry cans, drums, and IBCs. With installations in 89 countries, GREIF-VELOX has earned a global reputation as the go-to solutions provider for difficult-to-handle materials, including ultra-fine powders with extremely low bulk densities or highly toxic liquids like hydrofluoric acid.