Innovative bagging and filling machines

Greif-Velox is the specialist you need for efficient packaging technology: We offer integrated bagging and filling machines for solids and liquids.

VeloVac XL Vacuum Packer

Dust-free and efficient bagging of finest powders, such as Carbon Black, in FIBCs.

The 6 Greif-Velox Key Success Drivers

We work for and with our customers to develop groundbreaking innovations that generate genuine added value through efficient processes and reliable machinery assets.

Gross-weight vacuum packer VELOVAC

100% dust free bagging, save up to 75% on storage and logistic costs
with the GREIF-VELOX gross-weight packer VeloVac

Fully automatic filling system Typ A-DOS-P1

Flexible container filling with camera technology
with the GREIF-VELOX A-dos-P1

Gross-weight pneumatic packer BVP

Minimise your cleaning and downtimes up to 80%

Fully automatic filling system Typ A-DOS-K

Highest employee safety when filling canisters
with the GREIF-VELOX A-dos-K


Take a look at our complete vacuum packer solution for bagging and palletizing ultra-light fabrics in detail in our 3D visualization.

Chemicals, petrochemicals & food

We have the right solution for you

When it comes to the safe and efficient filling of food, chemicals or petrochemicals, you're in good hands: We have the right technical solutions for you. Whether it's integrating into existing systems or installing fully automated, full-line solutions for powder, liquid or solid materials, we design systems that meet your specific requirements. Use our innovative solutions to maximize your production efficiency and be successful!  
You'll also benefit on an international scale from our network of service subsidiaries and sales partners around the globe. Our ISO 9001:2015-certified project management process ensures that our projects are executed on schedule and with maximum transparency.


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Safety and efficiency in perfect combination


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Competitive advantages, individual solutions


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No mixing of products and best hygiene

Vacuum bagging Greif-Velox VeloVac

Safe and efficient bagging of the finest powders

Our VeloVac system, which offers 100% clean bagging with neat, compacted bags, has made Greif-Velox a global market leader in vacuum bagging. Greif-Velox VeloVac technology allows filling to be carried out safely and efficiently with the finest powders, such as carbon black, color pigments and silica. Vacuum bagging with this technology also means that bags can be compacted by up to 400 percent, saving you up to three quarters on storage and logistics costs.
Greif-Velox VeloVac technology can be used not only for filling valve bags, but also FIBCs — with our innovative Greif-Velox VeloVac FIBC.



The A-Dos-P1 is the flagship of Greif-Velox's liquid equipment portfolio for pallet filling. The various possible degrees of automation offer potential for maximum efficiency increase of production processes immediately or for a later upgrade. Thanks to the innovative camera technology, the Greif-Velox A-Dos-P1 offers maximum flexibility for filling IBCs, as well as drums of different types standing on pallets and large canisters. Thanks to the full automation of the opening, filling and closing processes (with tamper-evident closure if desired), even toxic or particularly difficult-to-handle liquids can be filled with a minimum of staff involvement.

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Our bagging and filling machines

We are leading innovators in manufacturing automation. Using our filling and bagging machines, even the most challenging substances are handled safely and securely.
Get an overview:

BVP 4.40 LUFTPACKER ABSACKUNG VON: Pulvern und feinkörnigen Produkten

Gross-weight pneumatic packer BVP

BVP 4.40 LUFTPACKER ABSACKUNG VON: Pulvern und feinkörnigen Produkten

Gross-weight pneumatic packer BVPV

Gross-weight impeller packer BVT

Der VeloVac von Greif-Velox, Feststoffabfüllung

Gross-weight vacuum packer VELOVAC

Ein Produktbild VeloStar von Greif Velox

Enclosed system model VELOSTAR

Fully automatic valve bag placer VALVOMAT

Ultrasonic sealing unit - VALVOSEAL

Valve cutter VALVOCUT


FIBC Filling Plant

OKTABIN Filling Plant

VeloVac XL

Semi-automatic filling system S-DOS-K

A-Dos-K - Produktbild einer vollautomatischen Abfüllanlage für Kanister

Automatic filling system Typ A-DOS-K

A-Dos-K - Produktbild einer vollautomatischen Abfüllanlage für Kanister

Fully automatic filling system Typ A-DOS-K

S-Dos-FS.jpg Halbautomatische Abfüllanlage

Semi-automatic filling system Typ S-DOS-FS

Automatic filling system Typ S-DOS-FS

A-Dos-FS - Produktbild einer vollautomatischen Abfüllanlage für Fässer

Fully automatic filling system Typ A-DOS-FS

Semi-automatic filling system Typ A-DOS-C

Automatic filling system Typ A-DOS-C

Radial filling system Typ R-DOS

Coordinate filling system Typ K-DOS

Automatic coordinate filling system Typ K-DOS-A

A-Dos-P - Produktbild einer vollautomatischen Abfüllanlage für Paletten

Fully automatic filling system Typ A-DOS-P1

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