Filling systems for solids

Bagging solids

Bag solids efficiently, specifically and flexibly

Maximum efficiency through precise dosing systems.

Adaptive for a variety of solids and packaging types.

Minimize product losses through precise filling controls.

Filling systems from GREIF-VELOX

GREIF-VELOX filling systems for solids have been developed to meet the needs of the petrochemical, food processing and chemical processing industries.

Filling systems range from fully automated setups for large production lines to customizable options for smaller batches.

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You save money with standard solutions.
You earn money with individual solutions.

Our philosophy at Greif-Velox is to offer individually tailored solutions instead of standard products.

Each solids filling system is tailored precisely to the needs and processes of our customers to enable rapid integration into existing product lines or the development of a completely coordinated full-line system.

We place great value on efficiency, specificity and flexibility to optimize our customers' production.

Individual solutions for specific filling requirements

GREIF-VELOX filling systems for solids are designed to overcome specific challenges in the handling and packaging of solid materials.

Innovative technology for low-dust filling.

Automation options that both increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Easy integration into existing production processes.

Fill solids efficiently, specifically and flexibly

Comprehensive system solutions through full-line systems

As part of a complete production process, our filling systems for solids not only offer pure filling, but also subsequent steps such as palletizing and final packaging. These holistic solutions guarantee efficient operations and thereby increase the productivity of the entire system.

Full-line systems for solids

Solid filling systems for different grain sizes

Different solids, different filling solutions: depending on your needs.

Valvo Detect – precision control during bagging

GREIF-VELOX takes quality control when bagging products to a new level with Valvo Detect.

This system identifies and selects defective bags early in the production process, ensuring product and pallet quality without causing contamination or product loss.

Core features

Automatic detection of incorrect bag sealing

Avoidance of product loss and contamination

Protection of product and brand quality through high packaging integrity

Special features

Use of the latest sensor technology for maximum precision

Reduces complaint costs through preventive quality assurance

Flexibly configurable for different product lines and packaging types

Gross pneumatic packer BVP

GREIF-VELOX sets new standards in the bagging of powdery and fine-grained products with the gross pneumatic packer BVP.

This system offers calibration-accurate bagging and is ideal for handling various grain sizes, from very fine to medium-sized, achieving a high throughput of up to 400 bags per hour.

Fill solids efficiently, specifically and flexibly
Increase production efficiency production flexibility

Core features

High bagging performance with up to 400 bags per hour

Flexibility in filling different grain sizes and product types

Calibrated filling that enables product savings through accuracy

Special features

Specialized in demanding industries such as chemicals, petrochemicals and food

Ability to empty with almost no residue for efficient product changes

Hygienic design and easy cleaning, optimized for quick product changes

Gross pneumatic packer BVPV

GREIF-VELOX revolutionizes the bagging of powders and granules with the gross pneumatic packer BVPV.

This high-speed system enables efficient bagging of up to 800 bags per hour and is ideal for a variety of products, from fine powders to coarser granules.

Fill solids efficiently, specifically and flexibly
Air packer BVPV

Core features

Extremely high filling speed with precise dosage

Adaptable for a variety of products and container sizes

Optimized for low cleaning and downtimes thanks to high residual drainability

Special features

Versatile for use in industries such as chemistry, petrochemicals and food

Minimization of cleaning times thanks to innovative boiler shape

Easy operation and quick product changes supported by storable machine parameters

Gross turbine packer BVT

GREIF-VELOX sets new standards with the BVT gross turbine packer in the rapid and precise bagging of products where no dust is expected to be generated.

This system is particularly suitable for mono products and uses innovative technologies to optimize bagging efficiency.

System solution powder filling
Fill powder cleanly, efficiently and sustainably

Core features

Optimal filling through innovative product ventilation

Low cleaning effort thanks to closed dosing system

Fast and efficient product changes thanks to storable machine parameters

Special features

Excellent price-performance ratio

Versatile for different products and grain sizes

Available with accessories such as ultrasonic welding and fully automatic attachment

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