Filling systems for liquids

Fill liquids precisely, automatically and safely

Maximum accuracy in dosing and minimization of product losses.

Adaptable for canisters, drums and intermediate bulk containers (IBC).

Liquids from watery to highly viscous consistencies can be filled.

Below-level filling, above-level filling and below-level filling for a wide range of application needs.

Fill liquids precisely, automatically and safely

GREIF-VELOX filling systems for liquids optimize the production flow through precision and automation.

They are designed for various containers such as canisters, drums and IBCs and can handle a wide range of liquids - from watery to highly viscous.

The technologies for below-spilling, above-surface and below-surface filling address specific requirements for accuracy and safety.

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Save money with standard solutions.
Earn money with individual solutions.

Our philosophy at Greif-Velox is to offer individually tailored solutions instead of standard products.

Each liquid filling system is tailored precisely to the needs and processes of our customers to enable rapid integration into existing product lines or the development of a completely coordinated full-line system.

We attach great importance to precision, safety and automation in order to increase our customers' production efficiency with maximum flexibility.

Specific filling requirements require individual system solutions

GREIF-VELOX filling systems for liquids are specifically designed to meet the diverse requirements in industries such as chemicals, food and petrochemicals.

Custom-made products for special needs

Temperature-sensitive liquids: Realization of heated filling systems GMP-compliant solutions: Developed specifically for the pharmaceutical sector Personnel savings: Processes optimized through automation.

Precision in every drop

Product-specific valves: ensure accurate dosing Adaptation to container types: flexibility for canisters, drums and IBCs Automatic closing: ensures the integrity of the end product.

Purity and security

Clean production environments through integrated solutions Increased efficiency and safety through systems made of stainless steel or plastic.

System solution for liquid filling

Holistic system solutions through full-line filling systems

As part of a closed production system, our filling systems for liquids go far beyond the pure filling function: they form an integral part of an overall system that fits seamlessly into existing production lines and complements them.

Our full-line systems are able to serve complex requirements from container preparation and filling to opening, closing and storage , which makes us a holistic system provider in production technology. The focus is on individual adaptation in order to ensure optimal integration into the respective operational processes.

Full-line system for filling liquids

Liquid filling systems for various containers

Different containers, different filling solutions: according to your needs.

Canister filling systems


At GREIF-VELOX, precision is at the forefront of canister filling in order to meet different industry requirements. Systems range from fully automatic, enclosed systems with multiple fill valves to simpler, semi-automatic options.

Each system guarantees accuracy in accordance with calibration regulations and can be adapted based on product type, container and desired level of automation.

Portfolio of canister filling systems from GREIF-VELOX

Core features

Precision filling according to calibration regulations

Fully to semi-automatic systems

Modular additions such as suction, cleaning and product feeding

Full-line options including canister storage and palletizing

Special features

Adaptable for aqueous to highly viscous liquids

Precision and efficiency in filling

Adaptability to different production scenarios

Integration into existing production lines without interface problems

Drum filling systems


For filling liquids into drums, Greif-Velox offers a variety of system solutions to cover a wide range of customer needs. From simple semi-automatic filling systems to fully automatic, enclosed high-performance systems - we ensure that your products are filled into bunghole drums precisely and efficiently.

Each system is equipped with additional equipment for extraction and cleaning to enable seamless integration into your product feed.

Portfolio of drum filling systems from GREIF-VELOX

Core features

A wide range of systems from simple to highly automated systems

Additional equipment for optimal cleaning and product handling

Individual adjustment for different drum sizes and types

Special features

Adaptable to a wide range of liquids with different viscosities

Specific solutions for foaming, non-foaming and explosive products

Flexibility in production through adjustable levels of automation

Improved safety and cleanliness through additional equipment and enclosed systems

Complete system solutions from a single source for smooth and efficient filling

IBC filling systems


The IBC filling systems from Greif-Velox are optimally designed for processing large volumes of a wide variety of liquids. With type A-DOS-C systems, we meet the needs of our customers when dealing with containers made of stainless steel or plastic that are used in a tubular steel frame.

These systems are suitable for a wide range of industries, including chemical, petrochemical and food, and support the filling of liquids from water-like to viscous consistency.

Portfolio IBC filling systems from GREIF-VELOX

Core features

Semi-automatic and automatic configurations for up to 34 IBCs per hour

Flexible handling of different IBC types

Suitable for foaming products and those that have to be filled in Zone 1 hazardous areas

Adaptation options to local requirements and specific customer needs

Special features

Liquids with a water-like to viscous consistency

Products that can be safely filled in stainless steel or plastic IBCs with tubular steel frames

Possibility of filling foaming products as well as in hazardous areas

Designed for high accuracy and adaptation to different industrial environments

Pallet filling systems


GREIF-VELOX pallet filling systems are the ideal solution for companies that need flexibility in filling a wide variety of containers such as drums, IBCs or canisters. The particular advantage of these systems is that they eliminate the need for a separate palletizing technology for full containers: the empty containers are positioned directly on pallets and filled there. Depending on your specific needs, we offer highly flexible semi-automatic systems or fully automatic, camera-based gantry filling systems.

Every project benefits from our extensive experience, which is based on hundreds of successfully implemented systems, and can be implemented as a holistic, full-line solution from a single source by integrating pallet transport, palletizing and labeling technology or load securing.

Portfolio of pallet filling systems from GREIF-VELOX

Core features

Integrated solutions for different container types

High flexibility and efficiency in production

Tailored system configurations based on individual customer requirements

Possibility of seamless integration into existing production lines

Special features

Ensuring the highest precision during filling through advanced measurement technology

Automation solutions for efficient and error-free processes

Strict safety standards to protect employees and products

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