Case studies for increasing efficiency and flexibility with GREIF-VELOX systems

Through innovative engineering solutions for more precise, faster and safer systems

We demonstrate how GREIF-VELOX uses individually tailored filling systems and packaging systems to improve production speed, measurement accuracy and operational safety in specific production facilities worldwide. Our detailed case studies illustrate diverse success stories in the chemical, food and other sectors, supported by quantitative results and real improvements.

Chemical and food industry

Innovative solids filling system for ICL Ladenburg

The solid filling system from GREIF-VELOX at ICL Ladenburg led to a significant reduction in complaint and cleaning costs, which were originally caused by incorrectly welded bags. This cost problem, which amounted to at least 20,000 euros annually, was radically improved by the introduction of the ValvoDetect on the BVP air packer. With its optical sensors, ValvoDetect ensures that only correctly positioned bags are welded by detecting and sorting out incorrectly attached bags before welding.

Case study chemical bottling at Evonik

Chemical industry

Hydrogen peroxide filling system for Evonik

Our filling system at the chemical company Evonik led to an impressive increase in filling speed by 50 percent. Additionally, we significantly improved product safety by implementing advanced contamination control measures integrated into a highly automated hydrogen peroxide filling system, increasing not only efficiency but also workplace safety.

Food industry

Bagging system for GoodMills Germany

At the food producer GoodMills Germany, we were able to significantly increase packaging efficiency by 100 percent thanks to our systems. We also maximized the accuracy of the filling processes, doubling production output to up to 400 bags per hour, while at the same time minimizing cleaning effort and changeover times by using our gross pneumatic packer BVPV 4.40.

Case study food bottling at GoodMills