ValvoDetect for valve bag filling

precise – efficient – reliable

The GREIF-VELOX ValvoDetect is a globally unique solution that ensures the cleanliness and integrity of bags and pallets.

The system detects bags that have not been processed correctly at an early stage through a precise check when picking up the bags and uses ValvoDetect Clean to prevent them from being welded incorrectly. This increases product safety and customer satisfaction.

Innovative error detection
Sensors identify incorrectly processed bags at an early stage and sort them out before they enter the sealing process.

Cost savings
Rapid amortization of the investment by avoiding product loss and reducing cleaning and complaint costs.

Application flexibility
Reduction in product losses, cleaning and complaint costs as well as savings in bag manufacturers and packaging materials ensure a quick amortization of the investment.

Product data ValvoDetect

Container Valve bags made of paper, PE, PP
Industry chemical, food
Suitable systems BVP and BVPV pneumatic packer systems
Accessories & extensions SmartValvoCut, ValvoSeal, ValvoMat

ValvoDetect: The innovation for clean bags and pallets

The world's unique solution for clean bags and pallets

Additional cleaning and maintenance costs due to contaminated production lines

ValvoDetect minimizes product loss and reduces cleaning costs through precise error detection and elimination.

High complaint rates and customer dissatisfaction due to faulty valve bag welding

ValvoDetect detects and sorts out defective bags at an early stage, which ensures product quality and increases customer satisfaction.

Very expensive loss of time due to manual quality controls and post-processing

Automated testing processes of ValvoDetect increase the efficiency and throughput time of production.

Frequent production interruptions and downtime due to manual error corrections

ValvoDetect reduces downtime through automated error detection and correction, which increases production stability.

As part of a closed production system, our filling systems go far beyond the pure filling function: They form an integral part of an overall system that fits seamlessly into existing production lines and complements them.

Our full-line systems are able to serve complex requirements from container preparation and filling to post-processing and storage, which makes us a holistic system provider in production technology. The focus is on individual adaptation in order to ensure optimal integration into the respective operational processes.

Sebastian Pohl Managing Director Portrait

You save money with standard solutions.
You earn money with individual solutions.

Our philosophy at Greif-Velox is to offer individually tailored solutions instead of standard products.

Each filling system is tailored precisely to the needs and processes of our customers to enable rapid integration into existing product lines or the development of a completely coordinated full-line system.

We attach great importance to precision, safety and automation in order to increase our customers' production efficiency with maximum flexibility.

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Suitable GREIF-VELOX systems for filling valve bags

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