The countdown to the European Carbon Black Summit has begun

The countdown to the European Carbon Black Summit has begun! Visit us in Amsterdam from 19 to 20 June.

GREIF-VELOX presents: The "Clean Cycle of Packaging"

PureVacSpout: Clean Powder Filling Without Residue

With PureVacSpout we have developed a patented solution to remove dust residues on filling spouts and thus prevent contamination of valve bags or pallets.

New management at GREIF-VELOX

Management change at the top of the Lübeck-based packaging machine manufacturer Greif-Velox: Since February 1, 2024, the previous Managing Director Sales, Sebastian Pohl, has joined the management team together with Thorsten Köll. The previous Managing Director Ralf Drews is leaving the company.

Greif-Velox strengthens its presence on the Eastern European market

Greif-Velox is further expanding its sales network in Europe: In a strategic partnership with Sopack s.r.o., the packaging machine manufacturer and the Czech sales and production company are using synergy effects to position Greif-Velox's innovations on the Czech, Slovakian, Polish and Hungarian markets.

System partnership with automation specialist KUKA extended

High performance, high flexibility, high reliability: Greif-Velox's systems and industrial robots from KUKA are a perfect match. For this reason, Greif-Velox has been using the reliable components from the Augsburg-based manufacturer for several years for robot palletizing in full lines. Due to the successful cooperation, this system partnership agreement has now been jointly extended.

Safe and clean carbon black bagging for the electromobility transition

Dusty and difficult to handle, but indispensable for many industries: carbon black is essential for the manufacture of products such as tires or lithium-ion batteries - and is therefore also particularly important for future industries such as electromobility. However, the ultra-light powder poses a major challenge for manufacturers - not least as a potential source of danger in the workplace. Greif-Velox has the solution: the market-leading and innovative VeloVac vacuum packers ensure dust-free, clean and safe bagging of these difficult-to-handle products.

SAFEDyVac: Perfect bagging results thanks to perfectly coordinated systems and containers

Containers and packaging systems: when these two components are perfectly matched to the product to be filled, customers receive a bagging result that sets new standards in terms of cleanliness, weight accuracy, filling performance and compaction. The packaging machine manufacturer Greif-Velox and the paper sack manufacturer dy-pack, both world market leaders in their respective segments, have pooled their expertise for precisely this purpose: Together, they have developed three optimized bag types under the name "SAFEDyVac", which ensure high savings potential and end customer satisfaction for users of VeloVac vacuum technology for bagging ultra-fine powders.

Dust-free bagging of carbon black: clean and efficient packaging of ultra-light powders with vacuum technology for battery production

Carbon black is required for the production of both primary and secondary batteries. Due to its nature, it has been difficult to bag up to now, resulting in high logistics and quality costs. Our VeloVac vacuum technology solves these problems and ensures that the valuable raw material can be made available to battery manufacturers more efficiently and dust-free in larger quantities.

World first Grip-Velox ValvoCare with Grip-Velox smartValvoCut: 100% safe and clean after bagging ultra-light and toxic powders

Maximum customer satisfaction and no complaint costs thanks to the highest possible process reliability: The ValvoCare gripper Velox prevents the contamination of filled bags and pallets by the product remaining in the valve protrusion behind the seal, thus enabling a guaranteed clean bagging and palletizing result. In order to reduce unplanned downtimes, it automatically and proactively informs you when wear parts need to be replaced and can even reorder them automatically.

Innovation "Greif-Velox VeloVac XL": Safe and clean bagging of ultra-light powders in FIBCs

Until now, ultra-light powders such as carbon black or fumed silica were particularly difficult to bag safely and compactly in FIBCs ("big bags") due to their nature. Maschinenfabrik Greif-Velox now offers a unique solution with the vacuum technology of the VeloVac XL: It ensures clean, fast and compact bagging, which minimizes logistics and transport costs as well as product loss and increases occupational safety. At the same time, the use of larger containers ensures economic and ecological benefits.

From miller to bottling professional (Packaging Journal)

The Greif-Velox story began with one of the oldest documented company foundations in the world. The development from the Greif mill to today's global technology leader in the bagging of lightweight materials can be traced back more than a thousand years. The special feature: The Full-Lines focus equally on the processing of solid and liquid products.

Greif-Velox ValvoDetect: No product loss and no contamination during filling

Leaking packaging is a very critical factor, especially for foodstuffs. For this reason, special care must be taken when filling food powders to ensure that no product is contaminated or pallets are rendered unusable. For this reason, Maschinenfabrik Greif-Velox has developed the ValvoDetect optical measuring system: It ensures that faulty bags can be detected and ejected at two points in the bagging process. This avoids contamination and thus complaint costs.