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Greif-Velox is a German system manufacturer and system developer for filling and packaging technology.

Our highly automated, flexible systems fill lightweight materials, solids and liquids efficiently and safely into a wide mix of containers from valve bags to canisters, drums and IBCs.

Increase quality consistency

Headquartered in Germany
and successful worldwide

15 representations worldwide, customers in 89 countries, over 4,000 realized projects

Industry expertise in
chemistry, petrochemicals, food

Leading filling benchmarks in precision, speed and safety

Proven driver of innovation
for filling technology

with VeloVac technology - reduced costs with increased environmental friendliness

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GREIF-VELOX transforms production technology

Our highly automated filling and packaging systems overcome the production hurdles of large, globally active companies

Triangle of the Clean Cycle of Packaging for Carbon Black

More flexible

Our modular filling systems enable quick adaptation to different product types and container sizes, enabling seamless switching between different production lines and a significant reduction in changeover times.

More sustainable

By introducing energy-efficient systems and sustainable production processes, our facilities reduce the carbon footprint and promote the reusability of resources, which is anchored in our latest facility designs.

More efficient

With innovative filling technology, we increase filling speeds by up to 50 percent or double the output capacity of bags per hour.


By using our VeloVac technology, we enable dust-free bagging processes that not only improve the working environment, but also significantly reduce environmental impact.


Our specially developed safety and cleaning functions and advanced contamination protection measures increase workplace safety many times over and set new standards in production hygiene.

Case study chemical food filling at ICL Ladenburg

Case study:
ICL Ladenburg

Significant reduction in complaint and cleaning costs Improvement in end customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

ICL Ladenburg belongs to the food and chemical industry. The company operates production facilities for food and beverages as well as for technical applications and develops, produces and sells additives for the food industry and industrial applications, including additives for cleaning agent production, metal surface treatment, technical additives for varnishes and paints as well as for the cosmetics and construction industries.

Canister filling chemicals

Case study:

Evonik customer reference

Increase filling speed by 50 percent Improve product safety through advanced contamination protection measures.

Evonik belongs to the specialty chemicals industry. Its product portfolio ranges from high-performance materials to additives for various industries, including hydrogen peroxide, an essential ingredient in bleach production and disinfection.

Case study:
GoodMills Deutschland

Goodmills customer testimonial

Doubling packaging efficiency and production output to up to 400 bags per hour. Minimization of cleaning effort and changeover time.

GoodMills Germany belongs to the food industry and is one of the leading milling companies in Europe. Specializing in the production of high-quality flour and semolina for bakeries, food processors and the beverage industry, GoodMills places particular emphasis on product quality, efficiency and sustainability in its production processes.

Success factor: project handling, plant development

Every project an individual solution according to a standardized process

We use the stage-gate model to guarantee you structured and efficient project handling. With this approach, each project is guided through clearly defined stages (gates) that are crucial to systematically develop and validate tailored solutions. By using standardized processes within the Stage-Gate framework, we not only ensure the quality and efficiency of each system, but also ensure transparency and traceability in every project phase.


Concept stage

At the beginning, we intensively examine your specific requirements in order to develop a well-founded understanding of your production goals. The concept we create is based on your specifications and includes an optimal system layout, efficient processes and a well-thought-out safety concept.


Design stage

After concept approval, we transform your requirements into a detailed 3D system design. Our engineering team uses advanced CAD tools – and, if desired, 3D scans of your site – to ensure every component of the facility meets your precise requirements.


Production stage

With a strong vertical range of manufacturing, Greif-Velox goes beyond standardized solutions to meet individual customer requirements. Each assembly is subjected to strict quality tests to ensure consistently high manufacturing quality - from procurement to final assembly.


WIBN stage (factory startup)

In this phase, your system at Greif-Velox is fully used for the first time. Through in-depth testing and optimization, we guarantee that all functions work smoothly. The internal Factory Acceptance Test (IFAT), followed by the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) with you, initiates the successful handover into the assembly phase.


Assembly stage

After detailed planning and production, we deliver the system to your location and carry out the professional assembly and commissioning. This section is rounded off by the Site Acceptance Test (SAT), which confirms the smooth start of your production.


Service stage

Greif-Velox continuously supports you with comprehensive services even after commissioning. Our goal is to ensure the longevity and high performance of your system so that you permanently benefit from maximum productivity and efficiency.

Company structure & markets

Global business. Worldwide service. In more than 89 countries.

Company structure & markets GREIF-VELOX

4 key departments
at the company headquarters in Lübeck


We offer you service every day.


we process annually.


we have been delivering so far. Ascending trend.


This proportion of our customers always inquire about future projects with us.


We employ people worldwide at Greif-Velox.


we have realized so far.


and parts list are in our ERP system.

Metric Tons

Our annual production of air packers may drop.

From the Greifen mill to the market leader

1000 years of company history


Monks founded the Greifen Mill in Klützow.


Sale of the mill and the village to the priest vd Zinne for the benefit of a spiritual foundation.


Gradual transition of the mill into the private assets of the vd Zinne family.


Johann Mahlkuch runs the mill and expanded it over the years.


Expansion of the mill according to the innovative "American system" to produce very fine, more expensive flour.


Reconstruction and technical expansion of the mill to include turbines and steam engines.


The mill burns down due to a hot wooden shaft bearing and is immediately completely rebuilt with new machines.


Ernst Mahlkuch, owner of the mill, patented the first calibratable automatic bagging scale in the year of his master craftsman examination.


Because of the beginning of the First World War, the mill had to give up six horses and several employees. She also joins the newly founded Reichsgraidestelle for profit.


Intensive expansion of the mill and mill storage as well as the purchase of electric limousines.


New patent applications for an automatic bag packing scale and a bag elevator.


The mill was completely rebuilt due to a major fire in 1933. With various improvements and innovations by the owner, inventor Ernst Mahlkuch.


After registering several patents in weighing and bagging technology, the Greif factory was founded and built in Klützow.


The Greif factory is being expanded significantly due to the high demand for its bagging machines.


Greif-Werke is founded in Lübeck.


Takeover by the Möllers Group.


Renaming of Greif-Werke to Greif-Velox.


Takeover of the Logdos company (liquid bottling).


Greif-Velox produces high-quality, individual full-line systems.


The Greif-Velox management team, together with the investment company BPE, is taking over all shares in the company.

News & Publications

Well informed and up to date

GREIF-VELOX A-DOS-P1 Filling Machine for Smartphones: Now Available in Augmented Reality

Following our successful launch of the VeloVac Full-Line in 3D and 360-degree view accessible via the Vuframe app on smartphones and tablets, we now present one of our filling machines: the A-DOS-P1.

The countdown to the European Carbon Black Summit has begun

The countdown to the European Carbon Black Summit has begun! Visit us in Amsterdam from 19 to 20 June.

GREIF-VELOX presents: The "Clean Cycle of Packaging"

PureVacSpout: Clean Powder Filling Without Residue

With PureVacSpout we have developed a patented solution to remove dust residues on filling spouts and thus prevent contamination of valve bags or pallets.

Career at Greif-Velox

Seal Top Company kununu GREIF-VELOX

Are you looking for a job in which you can realize yourself and make full use of your skills? Then we have the right workplace for you! We at Greif-Velox are visionaries, partners, teachers and learners – and of course an unbeatable team. In addition to groundbreaking bagging machines and filling systems, we work every day to create a positive working atmosphere - for example through flexible working time models, attractive salaries and employee events. Because we know: Only those who enjoy working in their team can fully exploit their potential.

We are a company with 1,000 years of history that consistently looks forward: In addition to efficiency and reliability, innovation is clearly one of the values ​​that drive us forward. Whether in the technical or commercial area or as a trainee – be there! Start your career at Greif-Velox now.

And if your position cannot be found here, we look forward to receiving your unsolicited application.

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