GREIF-VELOX-Filling systems

Maximum production performance through the synthesis of efficiency and flexibility

Balance between system performance and flexibility.

Adaptation to different container sizes and shapes.

Specializing in light materials, solids and liquids.

Focus on critical success factors of production automation.

Filling systems from GREIF-VELOX

In production technology, Greif-Velox filling systems balance the contrast between performance and flexibility: They harmonize specialization with versatility through advanced technology to enable efficient production across a wide variety of containers.

Our three main areas - VeloVac (light materials), Solids and Liquids - aim to effectively address key success factors in production automation - for an optimal synthesis of efficiency and flexibility.

Filling lightweight materials:
clean, efficient, sustainable

GREIF-VELOX VeloVac revolutionizes your powder and light material bagging

The main area of application is the bagging of light, powdery products such as carbon black with the possibility of implementing dust-free and efficient bagging processes. In particular, VeloVac offers solutions for big bag filling with special requirements for dust freedom and product compaction.

Maximum product compression of up to 400 percent reduces storage and logistics costs.

Dust-free bagging processes using a vacuum chamber protect employees and increase environmental friendliness.

Flexible system configuration allows adaptation to different room conditions.

Clean and precise bagging increases product quality.

GREIF-VELOX filling system
Carbon Black lightweight material

Carbon Black

Silicia lightweight material


Pigments lightweight material


Fibers lightweight material


Filling liquids:
precise, automatic, safe

GREIF-VELOX maximizes the productivity of your liquid filling processes

Greif-Velox offers solutions for filling liquids into canisters, drums and IBCs suitable for industries such as chemicals, petrochemicals and food. This includes the ability to efficiently fill liquids of varying viscosity.

Easily adaptable to different container types and material requirements.

Ensuring precise temperature settings for optimal liquid processing.

Use of stainless steel and plastic in GMP compliant solutions that adapt to specific material requirements.

Use of automatic labeling, sealing and valve coding reduces the number of personnel and ensures cleanliness and traceability.

Fill liquids precisely, safely and automatically
Non-foaming liquid


Foaming liquid


Fluid viscous

Viscose fabrics

Filling solids:
efficient, specific, flexible

Innovative bag filling for fine and coarse-grained materials with GREIF-VELOX systems.

GREIF-VELOX develops innovative bag filling technologies that are suitable for fine-grained and coarse-grained materials. Our systems ensure efficient and precise packaging, improving operational efficiency while reducing the need for manual labor.

Bagging products in a wide weight range (from 4kg to 40kg) for maximum flexibility.

10 times higher accuracy than OIML requirements, which reduces product usage and increases planning security.

Patented ultrasonic welding guarantees maximum safety and tear resistance.

Filling of powdery materials up to 3mm grain size at rapid speed.

Significant reduction in residual product leads to shorter cleaning times and thus increases in efficiency.

Fill solids efficiently, specifically and flexibly
Solid fine flours

Fine flours:
< 200μm

Solid fine-grained flours

Fine-grained semolina:
200μm - 800μm

Solid shot

2mm - 4mm

Advantages of production automation with GREIF-VELOX filling systems

Success factors for the chemical, petrochemical and food industries


GREIF-VELOX filling systems use advanced cleaning systems that ensure constant cleanliness to prevent contamination.


Fully automatic processes in the GREIF-VELOX systems reduce the need for manual intervention and thereby increase efficiency and safety.


By automating and optimizing filling processes, Greif-Velox systems maximize production speed while reducing waste and operating costs.


Safety features are integrated into every GREIF-VELOX bottling line to protect both operators and products and ensure compliance with industry standards.


GREIF-VELOX integrates environmentally friendly technologies into its filling systems that minimize energy consumption and promote the reusability of resources.


GREIF-VELOX offers individually tailored solutions that are tailored precisely to the specific requirements and needs of customers.


The sophisticated control technology enables the GREIF-VELOX filling systems to fill products with exceptional accuracy and consistency.


Modularity and adaptability allow different products and container sizes to be handled with minimal changeover times, simplifying switching between different production runs.

Case studies for
increasing efficiency and making production
more flexible with GREIF-VELOX systems

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Evonik customer reference
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Henkel customer reference
Liqui Moly customer reference
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Case study chemical bottling at Evonik

Chemical industry

Hydrogen peroxide filling system for Evonik

Our filling system at the chemical company Evonik led to an impressive increase in filling speed by 50 percent. Additionally, we significantly improved product safety by implementing advanced contamination control measures integrated into a highly automated hydrogen peroxide filling system, increasing not only efficiency but also workplace safety.

Food industry

Bagging system for GoodMills Germany

At the food producer GoodMills Germany, we were able to significantly increase packaging efficiency by 100 percent thanks to our systems. We also maximized the accuracy of the filling processes, doubling production output to up to 400 bags per hour, while at the same time minimizing cleaning effort and changeover times by using our gross pneumatic packer BVPV 4.40.

Case study food bottling at GoodMills

Integration of GREIF-VELOX filling systems into existing production environments

GREIF-VELOX filling systems are specifically designed for smooth integration into existing production lines, which enables efficient and problem-free integration into customers' existing processes.

The A-DOS-P1 Full Line for the chemical industry and the gross pneumatic packer BVPV 4.40 for the food industry are examples of the modular and scalable systems. This flexibility ensures easy adaptation to different production requirements and container sizes.

more case studies with Greif-Velox filling systems

Holistic system solutions

Complete systems instead of individual machines, which simplifies integration.

Modular design

Flexible adaptation and expansion of the systems to the existing production lines.


Easy adaptation to changing production volumes and different container sizes.

Increased efficiency

Seamless integration increases operational reliability and minimizes downtimes.

One contact person

for your entire project.

Sebastian Pohl Managing Director Portrait

For over 60 years, GREIF-VELOX has been firmly established in the international markets of the chemical, food and petrochemical industries and is valued by customers and partners for its customized filling and packaging solutions, reliability and innovative strength.

Quote: Managing Director Sebastian Pohl

Became the market leader within just a few years

Our experience is reflected in a large number of projects, such as the increase in packaging efficiency at GoodMillsGroup, where we were able to effectively double production output, and the implementation of our ValvoDetect system at ICL Ladenburg, which led to a significant reduction in complaint and cleaning costs.

These and many other case studies demonstrate our ability to respond to a wide range of industry requirements and provide customized, effective solutions. If you would like to see specific examples of our work or gain a deeper insight into our bespoke installations, please contact the appropriate contact person.