Filling system for carbon black

Bagging Carbon Black

Bag Carbon Black dust-free, safely and flexibly

Avoid dust accumulation: Closed systems minimize the release of fine particles.

Reduce hazards: The health risks for employees due to long-term exposure are significantly reduced.

Increase efficiency: Thanks to vacuum technology, Carbon Black is packaged more compactly, which reduces storage and transport costs.

Ensure product quality: The purity of the product is maintained through dust-free filling in a closed chamber.

VeloVac vacuum packer

Bagging carbon black presents challenges that complicate traditional processes due to its fine particles and high air retention.

GREIF-VELOX offers a revolutionary solution with its VeloVac technology that addresses these problems. The following challenges are overcome by our technology.

Triangle of the Clean Cycle of Packaging for Carbon Black

Perfectly coordinated system components for bagging carbon black

The “Clean Cycle of Packaging”

Product: Carbon Black is filled in optimized paper bags that offer efficient bagging and optimal product protection.

Packaging: Collaboration with dy-pack to develop paper bags that meet the requirements of the carbon black and the machine.

System: The use of VeloVac technology creates a closed system that avoids contamination and maintains bag quality.

VeloVac vacuum packer: Revolution in the bagging of carbon black

The VeloVac was developed specifically for the challenges of carbon black bagging. By using a completely closed vacuum chamber, the fine powder is packaged safely and without dust emissions.

VeloVac vacuum packer
GREIF-VELOX filling system

Advantages of carbon black bagging with the VeloVac

Reduced cleaning costs: Completely closed system prevents dust emissions

Health protection: No exposure of employees to fine carbon black

Optimized logistics: Fourfold compaction of the material saves costs and space during transport and storage

Higher product purity: Important requirement for areas of application such as battery production

Carbon Black Bagging Options

Automated handling: Robot systems for handling the filled bags

Adjustable configuration: Flexible adaptation of the system to specific customer needs and production volumes

Advanced security features: Integrated monitoring systems to ensure system and production process security

Compatible features


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Interactive 3D animation of a VeloVac full-line system

Experience and explore in 3D

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Holistic system solutions through full-line filling systems

Our filling systems are part of a comprehensive production system that can be seamlessly integrated into existing lines. GREIF-VELOX ensures that each system is optimally tailored to the specific requirements of customers in order to maximize productivity and reduce operating costs.

Filling different substances into different containers

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