Maintenance and remote service

Our maintenance promise

At GREIF-VELOX, our work doesn't end with the delivery of your systems - it only really begins. Our service is a central part of our quality promise. We guarantee safety, functionality and performance for your systems.

Remote connection options:
VPN to PLC, VPN to robot, video support

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Your key benefits

Continuous maintenance of your GREIF-VELOX systems is crucial for maximizing uptime and minimizing downtime. With our innovative remote service, we offer you fast and effective support, whenever and wherever you need it.

Minimize downtime
with instant remote support.

Increase plant performance:
Regular maintenance and inspections improve efficiency.

Cost savings:
Fewer unplanned downtimes and optimized maintenance processes.

Protect your equipment and employees through regular inspections.

GREIF-VELOX system modernization

Your maintenance agreement for GREIF-VELOX systems

With a maintenance agreement from Greif-Velox ensure that your equipment is always in optimal condition. Our comprehensive maintenance services include regular inspections, preventative maintenance and fast remote support. This enables long-term and efficient use of your machines and minimizes unforeseen downtime.

Regular maintenance intervals

Repair work on a per-order basis

Spare parts management

GREIF-VELOX spare parts service

Your benefits

Up to 15 percent savings

Cost savings through reduced hourly rates and travel expenses.

Minimize downtime

Faster troubleshooting: Thanks to our remote support, specialists can access your system in real time and resolve problems without having to be physically on site.

Increasing and maintaining plant performance

Increased efficiency: Regular maintenance detects and corrects wear early, which makes the system work more efficiently and extends its service life.

Access to experts from various departments

Broad expertise: Access to experts from different departments is made possible at short notice, which guarantees faster and more effective problem solving.

Increased security and insurance coverage

Highest IT security: Easy implementation and secure access through a special SIM card connection. The router can only be switched on when necessary, which keeps the connection secure and controlled.

Maintenance process

Competent at your side. Permanently.


Visual inspection and error detection

Our technicians carry out detailed visual inspections to identify potential problems early and resolve them in a timely manner.


Checking essential device functions

All essential functions of your machines are systematically tested to ensure that they work properly.


Inspection and replacement of wearing parts

Wear parts are regularly checked and replaced if necessary to prevent unexpected failures and extend the service life of your equipment.


Functional testing and assessment

After each maintenance, comprehensive functional tests are carried out to ensure that all parts are working correctly and the system is performing optimally.

This is how remote maintenance of your systems works

This is GREIF-VELOX: a pioneer of filling and packaging technology in 1,000 years of company history

EIR - Efficiency, innovation, reliability
are the cornerstones of our business philosophy

GREIF-VELOX company philosophy Efficiency

Reduction of operating costs

by reducing transport and logistics costs & saving cleaning and personnel costs

Optimization of production processes

by reducing downtimes, increasing production performance and data-supported process optimization

Improve security and compliance

by increasing employee and product safety

GREIF-VELOX company philosophy Reliability

Innovation leadership in the filling and packaging industry

by integrating real-time data collection and Industry 4.0 concepts

Development of customer-specific solutions

through tailor-made adjustments based on specific customer needs, resulting in more efficient production processes

Promoting digital transformation

by using the latest digital tools and platforms for optimized and transparent production, increases productivity and reduces downtime

GREIF-VELOX company philosophy innovation

Maximum system availability

through robust design principles and continuous quality controls, resulting in lower failure rates and longer life cycles of the systems

Competent customer support

through rapid technical support & comprehensive maintenance programs, resulting in minimized downtime and optimized operations

Comprehensive security standards

through ongoing training and safety checks, ensures maximum safety for personnel and production

Service & Spare parts

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