Portal palletizer for drums

efficient – ​​robust – versatile

The portal palletizer for drums from Greif-Velox is specially designed for handling plastic and steel drums.

This high-performance system uses precise mechanisms to optimize palletizing and depalletizing, resulting in a significant increase in production efficiency.

Its compact design and the ability to adapt to different installation locations make it an ideal solution for a wide range of industries.

Palletizing robot VeloPack

High performance
Can process up to 140 drums per hour, ideal for high throughput industries.

Industry flexibility
Suitable for chemical, petrochemical and food production companies.

Robust construction
Provides durability and reliability even under demanding operating conditions.

Safe loading
Ensures stable and safe palletizing of the drums.

Product data portal palletizer

Container Drums made of plastic and steel
Application Palletizing and depalletizing
Industry Chemistry, petrochemicals, food
Performance up to 140 drums per hour

Optimize drums palletizing in your production line

Palletize drums optimally

Manual and therefore inefficient palletizing of drums

Automated, fast and safe palletizing through the use of the portal palletizer.

High operating costs and space requirements due to inefficient palletizing systems

Compact and cost-effective solution that requires less operating space and reduces operating costs.

Risk of damage and accidents during palletizing

Improved safety and reliability through automated processes and robust construction.

Long response times to changing production requirements

The gantry palletizer offers flexible adaptation to different drum sizes and production requirements, allowing for quick changeovers and greater responsiveness.

As an integral part of a comprehensive production system, our palletizing systems go far beyond their main function.

They fit seamlessly into existing production lines and extend them to provide a complete system from palletizing to storage. Our palletizing systems can handle complex requirements and are designed to enable optimal adaptation to the specific needs of operational processes, making us a holistic system provider in palletizing technology.

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Save money with standard solutions.
Earn money with individual solutions.

Our philosophy at Greif-Velox is to offer individually tailored solutions instead of standard products.

Each liquid filling system is tailored precisely to the needs and processes of our customers to enable rapid integration into existing product lines or the development of a completely coordinated full-line system.

We attach great importance to precision, safety and automation in order to increase our customers' production efficiency with maximum flexibility.

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