The dust-free filling of FIBC into containers of various sizes requires a user-friendly plant. Optimal operator handling is reflected in higher bagging performances. The Greif-Velox FIBC Filler offers exactly these benefits, regardless of FIBC size. There are various plant extension options, which guarantee optimal filing performance, ranging from an FIBC inflation device up to fully automatic vibration during the filling process. By including empty-palette magazines with coversheet applicators, roller conveyors, and cargo-securing, the Greif-Velox full-line concept can be offered under one roof.

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FIBC Filling Plant

OKTABIN Filling Plant

VeloVac XL

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All Greif-Velox FIBC filling systems can be supplemented with optional conveyor technology for feeding empty pallets or transporting filled FIBCs away, as well as systems for labeling and load securement.

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The majority of our machines and equipment are installed and commissioned by our Service department. If a machine needs a spare part, we will take care of the servicing of your machine immediately. We are also at your disposal for maintenance and repair.  With our remote office, we are able to respond 99% of the time without incurring travel costs or unnecessary response time for a technician.