These plants are available as semi-automated stand-alone plants (combined with palette conveyor technology), as automated, and as fully automated filling plants with opening and sealing operations. Our particular strength lies in the individual filling of various products or product groups. Alternatively, we can recommend our equipment-cleaning technology. For dangerous (explosive or toxic) products, suction installations for escaping gases and/or filling plant encasings are used. Let’s design the best-possible filling plant to meet your specific requirements, product, and container.

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Semi-automatic filling system Typ A-DOS-C

Automatic filling system Typ A-DOS-C

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Greif-Velox’s portfolio includes liquid filling systems for the filling of single receptacles, such as canisters, drums, or IBCs, but also pallet filling systems, which allow the filling of four 200l drums on one pallet, for example. This diverse portfolio covers almost all of our customers’ requirements for the filling of liquids.

We offer you low-dust filling, user-friendly configuration of the machine, and optimized emptying of the machine. Likewise, with our machines, all types of bags can be filled using the system.

The majority of our machines and equipment are installed and commissioned by our Service department. If a machine needs a spare part, we will take care of the servicing of your machine immediately. We are also at your disposal for maintenance and repair.  With our remote office, we are able to respond 99% of the time without incurring travel costs or unnecessary response time for a technician.