At GREIF-VELOX, we are proud of our various patents, which offer our customers effective competitive advantages. They reduce cleaning expenses, make it easier to bag very light-weight bulk goods, improve the performance of our bagging, and can do a lot more: We offer you solutions that ensure real competitive advantages and keep your production processes flexible. Bagging should never be your “bottleneck”, but rather a technological innovation that reliably supports and complements your entire production process.

We always find the right solution for you.

BVP 4.40 LUFTPACKER ABSACKUNG VON: Pulvern und feinkörnigen Produkten
Gross-weight pneumatic packer BVP

BVP 4.40 LUFTPACKER ABSACKUNG VON: Pulvern und feinkörnigen Produkten
Gross-weight pneumatic packer BVPV

Gross-weight impeller packer BVT

Der VeloVac von Greif-Velox, Feststoffabfüllung
Gross-weight vacuum packer VELOVAC

Ein Produktbild VeloStar von Greif Velox
Enclosed system model VELOSTAR

Fully automatic valve bag placer VALVOMAT

Ultrasonic sealing unit - VALVOSEAL

Valve cutter VALVOCUT


FIBC Filling Plant

OKTABIN Filling Plant

VeloVac XL

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Our solids filling machines offer maximum availability, such as a 99.7% placing rate with our ValvoMat IV, the highest cleanliness standards, even with difficult-to-bag products, and maximum ease of maintenance thanks to perfect accessibility from all sides.

We are pleased that you are interested in our company’s machines and services. We would be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice based on your individual requirements. The experts from our sales team will work with you to develop a system concept that best caters to your requirements. Based on this system concept, we can quickly provide you with an investment cost estimate and help you calculate your business case or ROI considerations.

The majority of our machines and equipment are installed and commissioned by our Service department. If a machine needs a spare part, we will take care of the servicing of your machine immediately. We are also at your disposal for maintenance and repair.  With our remote office, we are able to respond 99% of the time without incurring travel costs or unnecessary response time for a technician.