VeloVac XL

Big Bag Packaging for the finest powders

The VeloVac XL makes it possible: the finest powders such as carbon black or highly dispersed silica can be bagged in FIBCs cleanly and efficiently. Thanks to the tried-and-tested vacuum technology of the Velovac, the bagging process takes place in a completely sealed vacuum chamber and is therefore dust free. The result: no product loss, no contamination and up to 400% condensed bags!

Modular concept: from manual to fully automatic

The system can be completely tailored to your requirements – depending on whether you want manual operation for filling a few FIBCs per hour or a fully automated solution with a high bagging output of up to eight FIBCs per hour.  Whether you want a "manual" operator platform or a full-line system – we are happy to advise.

VeloVac XL


  • Container: FIBC
  • Medium: low-density, air-retentive powder
  • Grain sizes less than 200 µm: carbon black, fumed silica , colour pigments, silica, pesticides, graphite, dispersion powders, titanium dioxide
  • Industry: chemical
  • Output: up to 8 FIBCs/hour

Safe and clean: the advantages of the VeloVac XL

The VeloVac XL has been optimised to deliver the best results in all areas: transport, set-up, operation, maintenance – and of course the packaging process itself. It runs smoothly, safely and highly efficiently.

  • Dust-free bagging of the finest powders without contamination
  • No product loss
  • Excellent workplace safety
  • Low storage and logistics costs thanks to 400% condensed bags
  • Retrofittable to full-line system thanks to modular design
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Compatible with Industry 4.0 (digital interfaces)
  • Very robust, long service life, retrofittable

Greif-Velox VeloVac XL


  • Lifting and moving unit
  • Roller system
  • Labelling system
  • Full-line concept

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VeloVac XL



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