lf you change your business model or the volume of your production, it will often be necessary to adapt your machine park. In this case, retrofitting is usually a more economical solution than new acquisition.

Our solution:

The GREIF-VELOX semi-automatic coordinate filling system "K-00S" demonstrates just how easy a retrofit can be. The i nvestment costs for the system are low and make economic sense for entry into the filling business or for filling volumes in smaller batches. However, various processes in the production flow are performed manually which means that they are not fully automated and cannot be tracked consistently. 

By means of a substantial retrofit, the normal K-00S is turned into the automatic coordinate filling system "K-00S-A" with camera system - and even with unchanged output. This is achieved by retrofitting the existing system with a camera rig consisting of camera and lighting equipment. This enables the fully automatic supply of containers to the pre-calculated filling position. The conversion means that staff are effectively relieved of this task and for direct operation the system now only needs one operator whose task is to select the correct packaging unit in the control panel. This modernization and retrofitting with a camera system also makes it possible to further equip the line, for instance, with a capping device for unscrewing and fastening the caps on drums. 


Bought today and in 15 years still up to date and providing a real competitive advantage thanks to retrofitting, your systems are always state of the art and provide constant innovative added value and flexibility for your business. 

Dear (potential) customers, 

In this day and age in particular. a future-oriented machinery procure­ment strategy is more important than ever. Both technologies and market and production contingencies are changing rapidly.  You can respond to such changes either by buying new machines or by taking advantage of our special designs and investing in a retrofit. GREIF-VELOX builds systems that can be constantly upgraded and thus stay up to date. This will guarantee you valuable competitive advantages (including the requisite spare parts) in the future, lang after the original procurement of the machine. In this brochure we are presenting various retrofit options and examples from our daily business. Discover the manifold benefits and security !hat a retrofit provides. I myself and my team will be more than happy to support you with advice and assistance at any time. 


A bagging line installed at the plant of one of our customers had a control unit that was discontinued by the manufacturer. Neither hardvvare nor software was still available on the market-a serious problem indeed if the line has come to a standstill. 

Our solution: 

lt is perfectly normal that after years or decades hardware and, particularly, software will become obsolete. The crucial thing is to recognize, evaluate and eliminate such hold-ups fast. In this case, the customer would no langer have been able to operate his system if we had not come up with a solution. Our team of experts searched for a new control unit and also for a software that, by means of various features and upgrades, generated additional, directly tangible competitive advantages for the customer. 
We programmed the new software to ensure that the operation of the line remained unchanged for the users. Regarding the new features, such as a connection for remote maintenance, we compiled a new operation manual for the staff and organized a training session. This meant !hat we assured the operation and performance of the system. provided information on the benefits of the new features and assu red the acceptance and satisfaction of the staff with the upgrade. 
Through the upgrade, the benefits of which were understood and implemented by the line operators, the customer gained both an increase in productivity of 20% and the knowledge that any future system stoppages would no langer present a challenge.


For another of our customers. the production requirements had changed. The company had expanded its product portfolio, and this meant that for each product change the manually adjustable bag support had to be laboriously adapted. 

Our solution: 

Production conditions often change over the years, for instance, due to an expansion of the product portfolio. As a result, the requirements towards the machinery also change. In this application installed at an internationally operating chemical concern, the manual adjustment of the bag support height du ring product changeover was disruptive. The procedure was altogether laborious and for some operators complicated, so there was a clear potential for an an increase in productivity here.
We analysed various options and did the necessary maths with our customer. The solution we came up with was an upgrade for the automatic adjustment of the bag support. We used an efficient retrofit kit and integrated the various products with the corresponding bag types into the software. All the operator now needed to do was to select the product. and the bag support, supply air pressure and filling pressure were automatically adjusted to the new requirements. The upgrade brought about the exact pre-calculated increase in pro­ductivity and turnover. 

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