Clean pallet patterns are the result of a perfect bagging process, which is why we place a particular focus on this. We know that palettes usually make the first impression on your customers and that they impulsively assess the value of your products on this basis.

Innovative technologies

Dirty bags/barrels or cluttered bag stacking should be avoided. Our technologies ensure that your products are optimally secured for all logistics processes and, on top of this, arrive at your customer’s premises intact and with the first-class appearance they deserve.A good example of our innovative technology: Our high-performance palletising robot VeloPack. Find interesting press releases and customer cases here, in our News section.


  • Containers: Plastic and steel drums
  • Output: up to 250 drums/h
  • Industries: Chemical, petrochemical, food, building material
  • Application: Palletizing and depalletizing


  • Economical solution
  • Small footprint compared to push palletizer
  • Variable setup possibilities
  • Low maintenance effort compared to push palletizer


  • Vacuum lift system
  • Drum alignment station

Any questions?

We are pleased that you are interested in our company’s machines and services. We would be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice based on your individual requirements. The experts from our sales team will work with you to develop a system concept that best caters to your requirements. Based on this system concept, we can quickly provide you with an investment cost estimate and help you calculate your business case or ROI considerations.

All Greif-Velox FIBC filling systems can be supplemented with optional conveyor technology for feeding empty pallets or transporting filled FIBCs away, as well as systems for labeling and load securement.

In contrast to many competitors, Greif-Velox pursues a strategy whereby all essential components, including robot programming and the design of the gripper tools, come from within the company where full-line systems are concerned. As a Kuka system partner, Greif-Velox possesses the expertise to automate complex handling processes on its own. Thanks to this approach, we are able to provide maximum process reliability and competence while minimizing the budget.

Palletizing & load protection
Velopack Produktbild
Palletizing Robot Velopack

Portal Palletizer for Drums

Stretch Wrapper




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Sebastian Pohl

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