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SAFEDyVac: Perfect bagging results thanks to perfectly coordinated containers and lines

Containers and packaging lines: when these two components are matched perfectly with the product to be filled, customers get a bagging result that sets new standards for cleanliness, weight accuracy, filling performance and compaction. Packaging machinery manufacturer Greif-Velox and paper sack manufacturer dy-pack– both global leaders in their respective markets– have combined their expertise precisely to this end. Together they have developed three optimized bag types under the name “SAFEDyVac” to create savings and higher end-customer satisfaction for users bagging ultra-fine powders with VeloVac vacuum technology.

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Dust-free bagging of carbon black: ultra-light powders packed cleanly and efficiently with vacuum technology for battery production

Carbon black is required to manufacture both primary and secondary batteries. Ultra-fine, lightweight and potentially toxic, carbon black has been extremely challenging to bag, resulting in high logistics and quality costs for manufacturers.

The vacuum technology from packaging machine manufacturer Greif-Velox solves these problems, ensuring that this valuable raw material can be made available to battery manufacturers in more significant quantities -- efficiently and dust-free.

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Greif-Velox ValvoCare with Greif-Velox smartValvoCut: Breakthrough technology delivers 100% safe and clean bagging of ultra-light and toxic powders

Happier customers and fewer complaints with reliable processes: Greif-Velox ValvoCare prevents contamination of filled bags and pallets because the product remains in the valve overhang behind the seal, enabling guaranteed clean bagging and palletizing. To reduce unscheduled downtime, ValvoCare proactively informs the operator of upcoming worn part replacement and can even automatically reorder them.