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From the miller’s trade to the filling professional (Packaging Journal)

The Greif Velox story begins with one of the oldest documented companies in the world. The development from the Greifen mill to today’s global leader in the field of bagging light materials can be traced back more than a thousand years. The special feature: The full lines which focus equally on the processing of solid and liquid products.

Greif-Velox ValvoDetect: No product loss and no contamination during filling

Leaking packaging presents a very critical challenge, especially when it comes to food. As such, filling food powders requires particular care to ensure that no product is contaminated and that no pallets are rendered unusable. For this reason, Greif-Velox developed the optical measurement system ValvoDetect: it ensures that faulty bags can be identified and removed from the filling line at two points during the bagging process. This can prevent contamination and the costs associated with customer complaints.

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"Smart industry" developments at Greif-Velox: Process optimization thanks to intelligent networks

Production and packaging processes face significant challenges due to decreasing warehouse capacities alongside the customization of products and product batches on an order-by-order basis. Greif-Velox is meeting these challenges head-on by developing bespoke, self-organizing packaging systems that optimize processes through intelligent networking. These systems offer clear, measurable advantages for planning, production, logistics and maintenance.