We are delighted to support our customers and partners as their efficient and innovative consultant and offer a different type of machine-purchasing project. We compile a team of experts tailored to your individual requirements who offer efficient support and consulting – for concrete projects, in workshops, during brainstorming session, and much more. Various specialists from design, realisation, and engineering are at your disposal and ensure that convenient solutions to your challenges result in real competitive advantages. Feel free to contact us at any time for more information.


Continuous innovation is necessary for the continuous success of a company. If you base your search for new products or services on something other than luck or happenstance, you will have to deal with innovation management – targeted idea generation and the management of these ideas through processes of innovation up to market realisation. Considering the volatile and increasing market and product segment demands we are faced with, due to further technological developments, new regulatory frameworks, and increasing globalisation, ongoing innovation processes are key to the company success of Greif-Velox.

Our objective: The development of innovative ideas and their efficient implementation in user-oriented innovations that add real value. With this, we create plants that offer optimal productivity, quality, and availability throughout their entire lifecycle, can adapt flexibly to innovative adjustments and extensions, are inexpensive to maintain, and provide operators with user-friendly and intuitive user interfaces.

With our internal Research and Development department and our Innovation Hub, we have established a room for creativity and inspiration to unfold. Here, our employees effectively develop new projects of an innovative and visionary character. The Innovation Hub additionally offers room for convivial interaction to develop ideas and the opportunity to realise ideas quickly and without clutter.

The team that works on the next generation of our system is composed of:

  • Greif-Velox employees who realise innovative projects
  • Scientific employees of universities who work on joint projects
  • Students (e.g. theses, student/scientific assistants, trainees, …)

The employees

The employees at our Innovation Hub work in accordance with our company values:

(Efficiency) – Well-structured, methodologically substantiated, and transparent projects as well as coordinated teamwork for maximum results with planned resources

I (Innovation) – Enthusiastic and innovative experts develop future-oriented products

R (Reliability) – The development of first-class products that generate a maximum benefit for our customers in their function, availability, and reliability

To support the development of ideas and to foster the exchange with innovative partners – with the objective of recognising and establishing market demands and trends – we are active members of various committees in organisations that unite numerous companies, such as the Platform Industrie 4.0, the German Engineering Federation (VDMA), and the Competence Centre North.


  • filling machines
  • bagging machines
  • industry 4.0
  • construction
  • engineering
  • production organization
  • process and procedure optimization
  • innovation management