Valvo Detect

The solution for clean bags and pallets

If bags aren't properly sealed, the product will leak uncontrollably. This can cause entire pallets to become contaminated, which may result in extremely high costs for powder producers. Our automated solution for clean bags and pallets is ValvoDetect. The optical measurement system ensures that bags that were not processed or positioned correctly on the filling machine are quickly identified and removed from production. This minimises complaint and recall costs and maximises customer satisfaction.

Valvo Detect


Using optical sensors, ValvoDetect first checks whether the bag valve is opened correctly when the bag enters the system (Greif-Velox ValvoDetect-S Save) and thus prevents faulty bags from being processed further. Secondly, an innovative feature checks whether the bag is positioned at the correct angle in the sealing unit (Greif-Velox ValvoDetect-C Clean). This prevents the bag from potentially incorrect sealing. This process also identifies and removes faulty bags from the filling line before they reach the pallet. 


  • Container: valve bags made of paper, PE, PP fabric
  • Industries: chemical, petrochemical, food industry

Valvo Detect

High Savings

Users report that the use of ValvoDetect has led to annual savings of EUR 20,000 in recall costs as well as EUR 8,000 in cleaning costs. We estimate that an additional EUR 9,000 could be saved in complaints to bag manufacturers. With the ValvoDetect feature, your system will practically pay for itself over its lifecycle.


  • Bag savings
  • Clean production, resulting in no 

  • Fewer recalls and lower cleaning costs

  • Higher end customer satisfaction
  • Improved brand reputation

Greif-Velox Full-Line featuring ValvoDetect

Equipment according to need and use


  • BVP and BVPV pneumatic packer systems
  • SmartValvoCut
  • ValvoSeal
  • ValvoMat

Your choice

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In the area of our BVP pneumatic packer systems, ValvoDetect is the perfect addition to our Valvomat valve bag positioning system. ValvoDetect checks whether the bags have been correctly positioned on the spout.

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