Depending on the required degree of automation, performance, filing production, and your packaging, we can offer you a wide range of products, from simple semi-automatic filling plants to integrated and encased fully automatic plants with various filling valves and sealing technology including monitoring. The highly precise filling, in accordance with the legal calibration requirements, as well as additional suction and cleaning equipment or interaction with your product infeed, are a matter of course for us.

When we deliver a full-line with, for example, canister storage, canister and palette conveying technology, palletiser robot, as well as labelling or load-securing technology, we deliver everything from under one roof without interfaces. If you intend to fill, besides barrels, other containers such as IBCs or canisters as well, we additionally offer a range of palette filling systems.

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Semi-automatic filling system S-DOS-K

A-Dos-K - Produktbild einer vollautomatischen Abfüllanlage für Kanister
Automatic filling system Typ A-DOS-K

A-Dos-K - Produktbild einer vollautomatischen Abfüllanlage für Kanister
Fully automatic filling system Typ A-DOS-K