GREIF-VELOX A-DOS-P1 Filling Machine for Smartphones: Now Available in Augmented Reality

Following our successful launch of the VeloVac Full-Line in 3D and 360-degree view accessible via the Vuframe app on smartphones and tablets, we now present one of our filling machines: the A-DOS-P1.

By downloading the Vuframe app, users can explore the filling line in photorealistic 3D – a digital twin generated directly from the original design data.

A-DOS-P1 in Digital Detail from Every Angle

The Vuframe app offers three immersive experiences:

  • 3D View: Interact with the machine by rotating, zooming, and starting specific actions directly on your touchscreen.
  • On Table-AR: Project the entire machine in augmented reality onto your table and view it from all angles.
  • Life-Size AR: Explore the A-DOS-P1 Full-Line at its actual size. Scan your surroundings to project the machine life-sized into your space.

Engaging, Impressive, and Resource-Efficient

„Thanks to the Vuframe app, users can view our A-DOS-P1 liquid filling system virtually in their own environment at any time“, says Björn Voges, Marketing Manager at GREIF-VELOX. „This is a step ahead of conventional presentation tools such as brochures: the app enables a clear presentation of how the system works in an impressive way with minimal effort - and in a resource-saving way.“

You can also get a first impression here on our A-DOS-P1 product page.

How to Start the 3D Experience of the Full-Line Filling Machine

  1. Download the Vuframe app for free from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app, tap the "+" symbol at the top right, select "Scan" and scan the following QR code (
  3. Agree to download the "GREIF-VELOX" data package.
  4. After the download is complete, start the application with the blue "View" button.
  5. Select your preferred view from the menu.
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