Valve cutter VALVOCUT

100% SAFE, 100% DUST-FREE

Patented and in use all over the world: our Valvocut system welds and cuts off vacuum bags safely and with zero dust emission by means of ultrasound. The cutting parameters are automatically adjustable, and even at high capacities, no cooling is required. Thus, both bags and the system itself are immediately usable in further applications.

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The knife systems are highly durable and, if replacement is necessary, this will be indicated automatically and in good time, thus maintaining the high performance of the system so that your production is assured. This system also uses the patented, foolproof Valvoseal welding technology.

Let’s evaluate together which type of bag is best suited for your applications. Here, we present a clear overview of our solutions, their benefits, and any technological extensions. We look forward to discussing the options with you.


  • Bag types: Bags with external valves
  • Product types: Powders, pellets, granules and product mixtures
  • Industries: Chemical, petrochemical, building material, food
  • Output: up to 150 sacks/h


  • Patented cutting device for valve projections
  • No trickling out of product thanks to additional sealing
  • Available as conversion kit for retrofitting existing filling machines
  • Manual or automatic application

Equipment according to need and use


  • Valve collecting tray
  • Automatic cut pressure control
  • Full Line concept


Bild vom BVP
Gross-weight pneumatic packer BVP

Bild vom BVP
Gross-weight pneumatic packer BVPV

Gross-weight impeller packer BVT

Der VeloVac von Greif-Velox, Feststoffabfüllung
Gross-weight vacuum packer VELOVAC

Ein Produktbild VeloStar von Greif Velox
Enclosed system model VELOSTAR

Fully automatic valve bag placer VALVOMAT

Ultrasonic sealing unit - VALVOSEAL

Valve cutter VALVOCUT




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Sebastian Pohl

Director Sales

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