Property rights for Greif-Velox ValvoDetect

Industrial property right for Greif-Velox ValvoDetect: Innovation ensures clean pallets during powder filling

Lübeck (06.07.2021). The ValvoDetect optical measuring system from packaging machine manufacturer Greif-Velox solves a long-standing problem in the filling of powders in the chemical and food sectors: the innovation prevents entire pallets from being repeatedly contaminated by the product leakage of individual faulty bags, resulting in high complaint costs. Greif-Velox is the first manufacturer to offer the optical measuring system.

ValvoDetect checks at two points in the filling process whether the bag can be successfully closed at the end: Firstly, ValvoDetect uses sensors to detect whether the bag has been picked up correctly before filling or whether this was not possible due to an error at the valve opening, for example. A further check using optical sensors takes place before the sealing process: If the bag is not in the correct position in relation to the sealing sonotrodes, incomplete sealing may be the result. With the help of ValvoDetect, only completely sealed bags are placed on the pallet. In this way, there is no product leakage and therefore no contamination with serious consequences, such as pest infestation of food products.

ValvoDetect offers users a high savings potential: depending on the bagging volume, they can save five-digit euro amounts annually on complaint and cleaning costs and also reclaim high four-digit amounts from the bag manufacturer by complaining about faulty bags. This means that users almost completely recoup their machine investment with ValvoDetect alone. In addition, the significantly lower complaint and return rate leads to an improvement in brand reputation.

With the entry of the ValvoDetect property right in the register, Greif-Velox is the first manufacturer to launch the innovative optical measuring system on the market.

Innovation, reliability and efficiency are Greif-Velox's top three values. "For us, these values are not an end in themselves, but serve the goal of increasing our customers' competitiveness," says Managing Director Ralf Drews. "Our product benefits must be calculable for our customers, so that our customers have clear indicators of when and how an investment pays off."

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